Soul Surfers.

I’m searching for the soul surfers The beings that live with a purpose The ones spreading love here the hurt is Making peace and pouring passion, Not waiting for the day they can cash it all in. They live for this day and Embrace the scarcity of fleeting time.  

Vacant Soul

My soul left me for another As I collapse amongst the stars   I’m surrounded by people But none seem to be Part of this journey.   I seem to be traveling Alone.   I have no road on which I can walk No sky on which I can gaze   Only my mind by…

Experience The Universe

We are here to experience the universe as itself, through the eyes of a human being. Embrace it. Feel. Put yourself out there, right on the edge, take it all in and tell us what you see. Everyone sees something different so share your experience with the world.   Inhale Universal truth. Exhale your truth.

Life Is a Dance.

Life is not a contest, but a dance. And a magnificent dance it is, with all its twists and twirls and jumps and dips and floating across the earth.

Love Found.

There is love to be found in this magnificent world. If not from your surroundings then from yourself, down inside of you is the love you have always longed for, just waiting for you to discover it.

Fading Fast In The Sunlight

I invested myself in you Emotionally But I didn’t realise you were like the Ocean, Free. You left me As a cloud in the sky Fading fast in the sunlight.

Be Patient

We often judge our thoughts too quickly, rather than letting them pass.

All Art Is Beautiful

All art is beautiful, and you are too. You yourself are art, an expression of the universe, experiencing itself through your mind.    

Protect Your Heart

You don’t protect your heart by pretending you don’t have one. You protect your heart by making it strong and able to take hits, because no one can stop the hits from coming, but YOU can stop the hits from affecting your heart.